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Vince Vaccaro Vince Vaccaro
When he was not older than six, Vinca Vaccaro decided - ’I am a musician’.
Vacuity Vacuity
Vacuity have sculpted an unrelenting portrait of a world populated by opportunists and drones, a world in which we are all part of both potential solutions and tangible problems. It?s the sound of civilization being crushed by its own weight.
Valerie and the Dreamcatchers Valerie and the Dreamcatchers
Valery Gore Valery Gore
Classically trained, schooled in Jazz and raised on pop and soul, the young Valery is a songwriter to be reckoned with.
Valkyre Records Valkyre Records
As an independent label based out of southern Ontario, Valkyre Records supports the DIY work ethic, genuine creativity and above all the fierce pursuit of true musical interchange
VanScott VanScott
Thief Of Time is the perfect amalgam of VanScott’s own songwriting prowess as filtered by the band’s sincerity and incomparable ability.
Veal Veal
Veal brings their music to Maple.
The Velveteins The Velveteins
Violent Kin Violent Kin
Violent Kin brings their latest CD to