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Tanya Tagaq Tanya Tagaq
Having collaborated with the likes of Bjork and Kronos Quartet, Tagaq has brought her own contemporary and emotional style of throat singing throughout the world.
Tamara Williamson Tamara Williamson
Tamara Williamson brings her unique vocal styles and latest album to
Tango Sierra Tango Sierra
Tango Sierra, arguably one of Saskatoon’s hottest up and coming indie acts are pleased to announce the long awaited national release of their debut album This Is It.
Tannis Slimmon Tannis Slimmon
“A breathtaking vocalist with a bright, angelic disposition, Slimmon is a favourite folk attraction whose harmonies are as warm as her smile.” - Exclaim!
Tara Oram Tara Oram
Tara Oram brings her new CD to MapleMusic
Taylor Knox Taylor Knox
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Mitchell Taylor Mitchell
Taylor Mitchell is an 18-year-old singer songwriter whose engaging vocal style and captivating lyrics belie her young age.
Tears of a Thousand Years Benefit Album Tears of a Thousand Years Benefit Album
These are songs of strength, courage, hope and love. Proceeds from this CD will go directly to the New York City and Salvation Army September 11th Relief Funds.
Tebey Tebey
Teenage Kicks Teenage Kicks
Tempest Grace Gale Tempest Grace Gale
Tempest is an artistic maelstrom whose expression is as multifaceted as her origins.
Ten Strings And A Goat Skin Ten Strings And A Goat Skin
The Tenors The Tenors
The official store for the The Tenors.
Ten Second Epic Ten Second Epic
Ten Second Epic is back with their sophomore effort, “Hometown” set for release on January 27th, 2009 on Black Box Recordings.
The Bright Light Social Hour The Bright Light Social Hour
The Jerry Cans The Jerry Cans
The River and the Road The River and the Road
The Tea Party The Tea Party
The Human Rights The Human Rights
Theory of a Deadman Theory of a Deadman
With such a good attitude and such strong material, Theory of a Deadman don’t need luck.
Theo Tams Theo Tams
When asked about the title of his debut album Give It All Away, the singer-pianist from Coaldale, Alberta Theo Tams admits `In a way I feel that’s what I’ve done with this record.`
TPOH/Moe Berg TPOH/Moe Berg
Pure Canadian pop courtesy of Moe Berg. Enjoy solo or with The Pursuit of Happiness.
Theresa Sokyrka Theresa Sokyrka
Theresa captivates the hearts of millions of Canadians with her vocal artistry, diversity, natural elegance and genuine modesty.
These Kids Wear Crowns These Kids Wear Crowns
This Sound Will Save You This Sound Will Save You
Thomas D’Arcy Thomas D’Arcy
Thornley Thornley
This Toronto-based songwriter bring his music to Maplemusic.
Thought Beneath Film Thought Beneath Film
Three Days Grace Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace bring their new self-titled cd to the MapleMusic store.
Thrush Hermit Thrush Hermit
Tia Brazda Tia Brazda
Tia Brazda combinines elements of vintage jazz and blues with modern pop influences. Tia Brazda and her swingin’ band are a cutting-edge new act that you just can’t miss.
Jim Tidman Jim Tidman
Jim Tidman bring his music to maplemusic
Tim Chaisson Tim Chaisson
The Other Side is the latest album from Tim Chaisson.
Tim Thorney Tim Thorney
Tin Foil Phoenix Tin Foil Phoenix
This Winnipeg rock band hesitate to label their band or make comparisons to other artists, leaving any interpretations open to their fans.
Tokyo Police Club Tokyo Police Club
If you were to throw Bowie, Joy Division, The Arcade Fire, and two llamas into a blender, you would have one hell of a mess. TOKYO POLICE CLUB is here to help you clean up!
Tom Taylor Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor brings his latest CD ’Running Late’ to MapleMusic.
Too Many Sisters Too Many Sisters
This duo’s music might best be described as East Coast Alterno-Folk. That is to say, East Coast as in Greenwich Village in the early sixties, but that’s just a jumping-off point.
Top Country Top Country
The home of Canada’s top country music stars.
Tory Cassis Tory Cassis
Tory Cassis, a multifaceted performer, uses his slick baritone voice, guitar, and songwriting skills to easily slip between the genres of pop, jazz and folk.
Trackdirtyaz Trackdirtyaz
Their debut ep, “And Then They Remembered”, was a study of “what if?”. What if rap was to mix freely with electronica? Where is the line drawn?
Tracy Starr Tracy Starr
A ’Hard Rock’ band, from Moncton,NB and brain child of Steve LeBlanc and Daniel Dupuis. Tracy Starr is best described as a revival of gutsy, hard hitting, tongue-in-cheek rock and roll.
The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip
The Tragically Hip are not only legends in Canada, but internationally too. The Hip come to Maple with music, merchandise and more.
Treble Charger Treble Charger
You’ll find the cd library of Juno nominated Indie-Rockers, Treble Charger, here at MapleMusic.
Trent Severn Trent Severn
Trent Severn is an acclaimed Ontario folk trio who sing original, contemporary songs easily described as “Canadian history in harmony”.
Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen Trevor James & The Perfect Gentlemen
Whether it’s the inviting nature of the songs, the irresistible melodies or the unique vocal styling of Trevor James himself - there’s something inherently Canadian to the sound of Ottawa’s Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen.
Triumph Triumph
The Canadian hard-rock trio Triumph has built a worldwide reputation for their music which combined power and melody, and their music is now available on Maple.
Tupelo Honey Tupelo Honey
Tupelo Honey is now available at
Turn Off The Stars Turn Off The Stars
Turn Off The Stars bring their latest release ’Everything Is Ok’ to MapleMusic.
The Two Minute Miracles The Two Minute Miracles
Andy Magoffin, Aaron Curtis, John F. Higney Jr., Mississauga Slim and Clayton Corneil, known collectively as the Two Minute Miracles, will be releasing their second album this summer.
Two Fingers Two Fingers
Two Fingers are Brazilian beat adventurer pioneer Amon Tobin and Joe ’Doubleclick’ Chapman.
The Two Koreas The Two Koreas
Toronto band, The Two Koreas, are now online at MapleMusic
Tyler Shaw Tyler Shaw
Tyler Yarema Tyler Yarema
Tyler Yarema is an award winning Canadian piano player, singer, and composer.