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Sabrina Whyatt Sabrina Whyatt
Sabrina Whyatt is no ordinary lady. From hauling crab pots 100 miles offshore to belting it out for a stadium full of fans, this Newfoundland woman is proof that with big dreams and hard work, anything is possible. And she’s just getting started!
The Sadies The Sadies
The Sadies bring their signature blend of country, psychedelic, rock and surf into rifle-scope focus on their latest album, Darker Circles, further underscoring their reputations as musicians’ musicians.
Saigon Hookers Saigon Hookers
Saigon Hookers is now available at MapleMusic.
The Salads The Salads
The Salads wanted to create a CD for Monster Truck driving - so they did it! Check out their loud, fun party music here.
The Salteens The Salteens
Turn your frown upside down! Listen to the quirky and totally groovy pop music of the The Salteens, now available at MapleMusic.
Sam Roberts Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts’ newest album ’Love At The End Of The World’ is here
San Sebastian San Sebastian
Sandman Viper Command Sandman Viper Command
Sandman Viper Command’s debut album Everybody See This is ripe and bubbling with the type of youthful rage you can’t fake. It’s delicate and fragile in all the right places and thoroughly captivating from start to finish.
Sarah Harmer Sarah Harmer
Sarah’s ’All of Our Names’ is a collection of memorable songs and captivating stories, full of imagery and insight.
Sarah McLachlan Sarah McLachlan
Surrender to the lush pop, folk and truly Canadian sound of multi-award winning Sarah McLachlan.
Sass Jordan Sass Jordan
Juno Award-winning artist Sass Jordan is an internationally recognized singer/songwriter who has sold over one million CDs worldwide.
Scott Macmillan Scott Macmillan
A musical treasure, Scott Macmillan has played a significant role expanding audiences for Atlantic Canadian music both nationally and internationally for over 30 years.
Scott Merritt Scott Merritt
Merritt’s poetic spin on the detour home from the summer midway, is anchored by the purr of a beat box. The midway reappears on ’Swallowin’ the Key’ which, when set to a fuzz guitar, becomes as surreal as a meander through the House of Mirrors.
Sean Watkins Sean Watkins
Sea Snakes Sea Snakes
Sea Snakes bring their music to MapleMusic.
Sebastien Grainger Sebastien Grainger
When Grainger goes by his given name, it means he’s all about two things and two things only: the rock, and the roll
Selina Martin Selina Martin
Martin’s latest effort has resulted in more amazing music from a real artist, someone who lies in the face of convention and still creates great, great songs.
Serena Pryne Serena Pryne
Serena Ryder Serena Ryder
Serena’s 3-octave voice growls, struts, scat, and demands are like nothing you would expect from anyone but a seasoned pro. She backs up her strong vocals with catchy acoustic guitar and expert songwriting.
Servo Servo
Servo’s new record ’The Blue Room’ grooves and also stays true to the fundamentals of making good rock and roll: scorching vocals, tasty licks and old-school rhythm.
Seventh Fire Records Seventh Fire Records
Mark Seymour Mark Seymour
Internationally regarded as one of Australia’s best singer / songwriters, Mark Seymour will be touring Canada this summer.
Shad Shad
Shane Wiebe Shane Wiebe
Shane Wiebe brings his music to MapleMusic
Shania Twain Shania Twain
Country crossover artist extraordinaire Shania Twain wows ’em again with her newest CD, Up!
Shannon Lyon Shannon Lyon
Shannon Lyon continues to tour and record with his longtime band, the World Record Players. At present you can find Lyon somewhere around the globe supporting his new album Safe Inside released February 2006.
Sharona Clarke Sharona Clarke
Sharona Clarke is a singer/songwriter based out of St. John’s, NL who brings a unique sound to her own brand of ambient piano pop.
Shawn Hewitt and The National Strike Shawn Hewitt and The National Strike
Inspired, but not defined by progressive artists such as Can, Stereolab, The Beatles, and Donny Hathaway, Hewitt & The National Strike’s songwriting is full of cinematic melodies, and driven epics that explodes their sound to a universal scale.
Sheila Carabine Sheila Carabine
A power trio from Toronto, with a relentless and unifying live show & sound.
Shout Out Out Out Out Shout Out Out Out Out
Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers+ two vocoders. This is volatile dance music.
The Shuffle Demons The Shuffle Demons
They were a band that captured the imagination of a generation with their antics and amazing no holds barred playing and stopped traffic on a regular basis. And now they’re back!!
Sidharta Sidharta
Thundering drums, grit-ridden vocals, dissonant guitars and warm bass lines coalesce with punk mentality to create a noisy—rock experiment known as Sidharta.
Sidney York Sidney York
With a well-received self-titled EP already under her belt, Sidney York is destined to grab the Canadian music industry by its collective ear.
Sierra Noble Sierra Noble
A fiddle/violin virtuoso who blows through every style of playing from Celtic and bluegrass to jazz and world beat with stunning ease, Sierra Noble is now bringing her musical talent to bear as a vocalist and songwriter.
Silvergun & Spleen Silvergun & Spleen
Simon Collins Simon Collins
Son of rock legend Phil Collins, it’s self evident that Simon has inherited his father’s ability as a performer, composer and musician on drums, piano and vocals.
Simon Wilcox Simon Wilcox
Folk-singer Simon Wilcox brings her lyrically wise album ’The Charm And The Strange’ into the MapleMusic fold.
Sir Jerry Sir Jerry
Sir Jerry hooked up with famed Toronto rocker/producer Ruben Huizenga, former front man for Glueleg, presently of Micro Maureen, in the spring of 2004 to collaborate on the Bees, Butterflies & Bugs album.
Sit Down, Servant!! Sit Down, Servant!!
Accompanied by Big Sugar drummer Stephane Beaudin on drums, Gordie Johnson’s new project – Sit Down, Servant!! – gives him the chance to combine blues and gospel with dub in his own unique way.
skate 4 cancer skate 4 cancer
Skate4Cancer was born of love and a dream.
Skydiggers Skydiggers
Skydiggers are back in the saddle with Northern Shore, a brand new 15 song collection as well as a deluxe edition of Northern Shore, a 45 song extravaganza featuring previously unreleased demos in addition to 25 new recordings!
Slaight Music Slaight Music
Slaight Music works with artists from across the country and across the musical spectrum, helping to further careers and get great music heard.
Slainte Mhath Slainte Mhath
It’s fresh, energetic and fused with a sound that has a rich international flavour. It’s Slainte Mhath (pronounced Slawncha Va). The innovative Cape Breton quintet is keeping its traditional roots firmly planted.
Sloan Sloan
Halifax’s prodigal band Sloan, goes down as one of the greatest Canadian bands of all time.
Slowcoaster Slowcoaster
Coming from Cape Breton, Slowcoaster offers an alternative to the traditional Celtic tunes for which the area has become so well known - something which reflects another side of the island’s music scene.
SoccerMom Records SoccerMom Records
Established in 2007, SoccerMom Records began as an outlet for Regina-based, Juno-winning, singer-songwriter Jason Plumb to independently release his solo material.
Song For Africa Song For Africa
The Song for Africa project brings together some of Canada’s top musicians and vocalists for the purpose of raising awareness of Canada’s youth and inspire action on the African AIDS Pandemic and raise funds to assist in building a mobile AIDS clinic in K
Sonny Best Band Sonny Best Band
Sonny Best Band rouse the hardcore rockers whilst winning the hearts of country purists.
Soul Side In Soul Side In
Space Elevator Space Elevator
Space Elevator, quirky indie-rockers, bring their self-titled album, full of irresistible tunes to MapleMusic.
The Spades The Spades
The Spades are a high-energy band who draw musical inspiration from early rock ‘n roll and infuse it with a vibrancy which is all their own.
Sparks Music Sparks Music
Sparks Music is Canada’s newest independent record label. Its intent is to build a diverse roster of artists with an eye to international exploitation and domestic success.
Spirit of the West Spirit of the West
Spirit of the West bring their 20th anniversary album, ’Star Trails’ to
Spoons Spoons
Gordon Deppe and Sandy Horne are back with their brand new album Static In Transmission, their first collection of new songs in over two decades.
Sproll Sproll
Turn on Your Radio is an electrifying, captivating and emotional synth-rock album that invokes shades of Sproll’s influences such as U2, Coldplay and The Killers
Spygirl Spygirl
Spygirl plays velvety alt-pop of joyful melancholy.
Stacey Kaniuk Stacey Kaniuk
With heartfelt dedication and enduring honesty on her debut full-length CD Hot Air Balloon, Stacey Kaniuk is an authentic virtuoso.
Staggered Crossing Staggered Crossing
Rock group Staggered Crossing brings their hip shirts and cool hats to Maple. Oh yeah - their CDs, too!
State Of Shock State Of Shock
Life, Love & Lies is not the first full length release for State of Shock. Winning the 2004 CFOX Seed’s powered the release of their debut album ‘Guilty By Association’ in June.
The Stellas The Stellas
The Stellas self titled major label debut is a country record with the hallmark sound of classic records, an authentic record comprised of the duo’s many influences.
Steph Macpherson Steph Macpherson
Steph Macpherson’s infectious, harmony-saturated folk/pop style is like a splice of Stevie Nicks, Sarah Harmer and Jeff Tweedy rolled into one musical entity, topped off with a sprinkling of Feist’s charm.
Stephen Fearing Stephen Fearing
We’re proud to have Stephen Fearing, one of Canada’s great singer/songwriters, at MapleMusic; his unique folk music and welcoming voice are an underrated national treasure.
Steve Poltz Steve Poltz
Steve Singh Steve Singh
Heavy Metal Sunset is Steve Singh’s latest pop explosion. It is a quirky celebration of the greatest elements of pop music - it is now available on!
Steven MacDougall Steven MacDougall
For his second solo release, Steven MacDougall draws from his vast and diverse musical vocabulary -- folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll -- all influenced by his Cape Breton musical roots and world-wide travels with his band, Slowcoaster.
The Stranglers The Stranglers
Strippers Union Strippers Union
Poised to assail the world of rock with their own ’mass of awesomeness’ in sophomore opus The Deuce, Strippers Union are no strangers to the importance of a band being greater than the sum of its parts.
The Strumbellas The Strumbellas
Stumble Records Stumble Records
Between Steve’s knowledge of music and punk, he has been signing bands that stand out and above the 3 chord slingers. Stumble Records signs above quality artists and gives them an above quality record.
Sue Smith Sue Smith
Sue’s debut solo album, “I’m So”, is a collection of 11 new, original songs taking inspiration from northern landscape, blue whale acoustics and an intensive period of dance studies.’
Sun K Sun K
SunnyLane Records SunnyLane Records
SunnyLane Records brings their catalogue to MapleMusic
Sunparlour Players Sunparlour Players
The Sunparlour Players have been entertaining the masses in Toronto with their intense brand of rootsy, bluesy, foot-stomping, soul-surging RAWK.
After months in the shop SuperGARAGE have put the finishing touches on ’Elvis Was Bigger Than The Beatles,’ their latest CD.
the Supers the Supers
Out of the spotlight for a few years with ample reason, The Supers have returned with Re-Arrange, a brand spanking new collection of 12 power-pop songs.
Susan Aglukark Susan Aglukark
Singer/Songwriter Susan Aglukark is one of Canada’s most unique artists, and a leading voice in Canadian music.
Suzie McNeil Suzie McNeil
Suzie McNeil now on!
The Swallows The Swallows
Glenn Milchem might be best known as the drummer for Blue Rodeo, but in 1998 he founded The Swallows whose CD ’Turning Blue’ showcases moody, melodic pop, juxtaposed with guitar-driven rock anarchy.
Swan Swan
Swan’s debut album ’Salt March’ is the perfect combination of raw rock energy and melodic sensibilities.
Sweatshop Union Sweatshop Union
Sweatshop Union is not just a hip hop group with diverse vocal styles and crisp, soulful beats - they are the breath of fresh air that hip hop fans have been waiting for.