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Odds Odds
The New Odds is a whole new thing, with the soul of the Odds of old propelling the collective eagerness of a brand new band.
Oh Susanna Oh Susanna
Oh Susanna’s newest project is Namedropper, a killer collection of songs written especially for Oh Susanna by Canada’s top songwriters. The album was created with and produced by Jim Bryson.
The Old Soul The Old Soul
Esoteric yet profane, abstract yet accessible, Maolini’s intricate and unique collaging of tempos and instrumentation is the third installation in the absurd and wonderful career of a unique musical architect.
The Once The Once
With ’vocal harmonies thick enough to stand on,’ and armed with bouzouki, banjo, unaccompanied ballads and shanties, The Once have quickly earned their place amongst Newfoundland’s finest musical talent.
One Big Silence One Big Silence
One Hundred Dollars One Hundred Dollars
Songs of Man moves to reinforce what One Hundred Dollars is best known for: a tight re-imagining of what the contemporary Country Song can be.
Onlyforward Onlyforward
There’s this thing called onlyforward, you see. They make music. End of story.
The Orange Record Label The Orange Record Label
The music industry is changing. Some see it as a rebellion; The Orange Record Label sees it as a Revolution.
The Organ The Organ
A critical and popular favourite, The Organ write melodic and introspective music based on layered interplay between this all female ensemble’s instrumentalists.
Our Lady Peace Our Lady Peace
Several years in the making, Healthy In Paranoid Times, Our Lady Peace’s sixth studio album, is 13 songs of some of their strongest, most infectious and most poignant material to date.