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Nash Nash
Nathan Coles Outfit Nathan Coles Outfit
On the strength of Nathan Coles’ songwriting, bassist Chris Hierlihy, guitarist Jordan Howard, and drummer Vish Khanna have become a tight quartet, gaining an excellent reputation for their spirited live performances.
Nathan Wiley Nathan Wiley
Experience the heart, soul, imagination and conviction of Nathan Wiley through his new record ’High Low’ now available at MapleMusic!
Ndidi Onukwulu Ndidi Onukwulu
Ndidi Onukwulu brings her music to MapleMusic
Nevado Records Nevado Records
Neverending White Lights Neverending White Lights
Neverending White Lights is a groundbreaking new collaborative concept from recording artist/producer Daniel Victor, linking many diverse artists together as never before.
Neverest Neverest
The New Deal The New Deal
The story continues to evolve with Canada’s The New Deal, as they celebrate the seismic collision of improvised jamming with the energy and flow of contemporary dance music on their new CD.
newprey newprey
newprey brings us their catalogue
New Scotland Records New Scotland Records
New Scotland Records brings their catalogue to MapleMusic
Nick Craine Nick Craine
15 years after the release of the critically acclaimed, November Moon, the sought after back up singer with the gilded range returns with an elegant and intimate album of covers. Songs Like Tattoos, coming April 15, 2015.
’NLX traffics in unschooled, confessional piano ballads’ - NY Times.
The Northern Pikes The Northern Pikes
The Northern Pikes are back once again with their next instalment ’It’s A Good Life’. Now available inside the Maple store.
Not By Choice Not By Choice
Not By Choice come crashing into MapleMusic with their rippin’ guitar riffs and bangin’ pop punk beats.
The Novaks The Novaks
The Novaks alternate between powerful, unapologetic hooks and darker moments of soulful authenticity.
Novillero Novillero
Noverillo’s debut album, ’The Brindleford Follies’, features brightly spirited pop music - this Winnipeg sextet certainly knows how to make a first impression!
NQ Arbuckle NQ Arbuckle
NQ Arbuckle is one of the greatest balladeers of our time and has opened for some of Canada’s finest musicians.