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Machine Gun Kelly Machine Gun Kelly
Made Made
Critically acclaimed and catchy to boot! ’Television Heart’ is the most recent release from Made.
Madeline Merlo Madeline Merlo
Madison Violet Madison Violet
Draw yourself into Madison Violet’s universe of provocative music, where sweet sultry vocals are caught up in a swirl of folky, hypnotic music.
Magneta Lane Magneta Lane
Lexi, Nadia and French got together in the fall of 2003 intent on presenting a strong female presence that wasn’t an adolescent cry in the dark. No juvenile sulking and sneering and no melodrama.
The Mahones The Mahones
Enjoy the Celtic drinking sounds of The Mahones.
Make It Real Records Make It Real Records
Make It Real Records unique mandate is to record REAL music in REAL time on REAL instruments. No machines have been used or harmed in producing this music
Manteca Manteca
MapleMusic Holiday Specials MapleMusic Holiday Specials
Check out all of our Holiday Specials from your favourite artists! really is your one-stop-holiday-shop so if you’re looking for a unique/perfect gift ... look no further!
MapleMusic One MapleMusic One
MapleMusic Recordings has its debut release with this tasty 18 track compilation CD featuring the cream of Canada’s independent music community.
MapleMusic Recordings MapleMusic Recordings
With its artist-minded focus and commitment to developing and building an incredible roster, MMR strives to be the best label in Canada’s music marketplace.
The Marble Index The Marble Index
The Marble Index is now available at MapleMusic.
Maren Ord Maren Ord
Maren Ord brings her CDs and shirts to MapleMusic.
Marky Weinstock Marky Weinstock
Marky Weinstock brings his unique children’s songs to MapleMusic.
Mark Bragg Mark Bragg
A strong songwriter and storyteller, Mark Bragg and his Black Wedding Band bring their musical stylings to MapleMusic.
The Mark Inside The Mark Inside
The Mark Inside return with False Flag - the much anticipated follow up EP to their critically acclaimed debut release, Static/Crash.
Mark Masri Mark Masri
As a masterful songwriter, pianist, vocalist and producer, Mark is a man with the talent and passion to affect people. His music transcends generations with expressive lyrics, lush vocals and elegant delivery.
Mark Petersen Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen brings his music to Maplemusic.
Marlowe Marlowe
Marlowe comes to MapleMusic with a sound they like to call: experimellow post-pop/nouveau psychédélique.
Marta Pacek Marta Pacek
Martha and The Muffins Martha and The Muffins
Martha and Mark emerged from the punk/new wave/art pop scene in 1977 and today continue writing and recording new material.
Martha Wainwright Martha Wainwright
The time is now for Martha Wainwright. With her guitar leveled at the audience, legs akimbo and hair tousled in the spotlight, Martha looks and sounds every inch a star in the making.
Martina Sorbara Martina Sorbara
With her beautiful voice and incredible keyboard skills, Martina Sorbara is ’The Cure For Bad Deeds’.
Martin Tielli Martin Tielli
Lead guitar and voice of the critically acclaimed Rheostatics, best known for his entrancing vocals and brilliant song writing.
Mary Margaret O`Hara Mary Margaret O`Hara
Mary Margaret O’Hara composed and arranged the original motion picture soundtrack to ’Apartment Hunting’ and offers it up on Maple.
Matthew Barber Matthew Barber
‟Matthew Barber is one of the best singer songwriters around, north or south of the border”
- No Depression
Matthew Good Matthew Good
Matthew Good and his band, come to MapleMusic with their albums, including his latest, ’Live At Massey Hall’.
Matt Mays Matt Mays
Hamilton born, Halifax bred Matt Mays has made a career out of defying expectations. From his early days as a member of the seminal ‘alt-country’ group The Guthries, Mays has always zigged when the public has been expecting a zag.
Matt Ouimet Matt Ouimet
Matt Ouimet is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, and songwriter from Ottawa
Maybe Smith Maybe Smith
A striking one-piece ensemble who relishes in the comfort of a harsh Saskatchewan winter.
Melissa McClelland Melissa McClelland
Melissa McClelland returns with her highly anticipated third album, Victoria Day.
MDM Recordings MDM Recordings
Me and Mae Me and Mae
Mean Red Spiders Mean Red Spiders
The psychedlic avant-pop of the Mean Red Spiders is sure to make for an entertaining experience.
Megan Bonnell Megan Bonnell
’Bonnell’s second full-length album, Magnolia, is a gorgeous, introspective collection of songs that demonstrate an artist at the top of her game’ - Exclaim
Melanie Doane Melanie Doane
Juno Award winning singer-songwriter Melanie Doane returns with her highly anticipated new album “The Emerald City”.
The Meligrove Band The Meligrove Band
Loud. Visceral. Energetic and eclectic. You can now find the music of The Meligrove Band here at MapleMusic.
Melissa Cameron Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron brings her solo work to
Mel Keith Mel Keith
Memphis Memphis
Memphis was brought together in 2002 by Stars front man, Torquil Campbell and long time friend and musician, Chris Dumont.
meraudio meraudio
Meraudio takes us on an enigmatic rock roller coaster on their debut album.
Meredith Shaw Meredith Shaw
Broken hearts don’t stay broken for long on Meredith Shaw’s debut pop album, Place Called Happy, and life’s low points are quickly turned around.
Mia Sheard Mia Sheard
’Mia Sheard could make the Tim Horton’s jingle sound like an otherworldly invocation to the gods.’ Mia puts her considerable talent to tape with ’Anemone’, her follow up to ’Reptilian’ and ’With Love and Squalor’ - all available at MM.
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Michael Ciufo Michael Ciufo
Michaela Foster Marsh Michaela Foster Marsh
Moody, ethereal and acoustically evocative songs thrive in Michaela Foster Marsh’s ’Fairy Tales & The Death of Innocence’.
Michael Brennan Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan is a big man who sings the truth
Michael Johnston Michael Johnston
Johnston’s graceful and distinctively Canadian lyrics create engaging moods and enduring images.
Michelle Rasky Michelle Rasky
With influences stemming from Billie Holiday, Ani Difranco & Stevie Wonder, Rasky’s music invigorates the senses. Her sweet jazzy vocals and heart-hooking melodies form the signature sound in what could be described as organic hybrid-pop.
Microbunny Microbunny
’Dead Stars’, Al Okada’s latest project as Microbunny, is at once a showcase of his musical diversity and a forage for new polyrhythmic heights. This collection is meaningfully whimsical, deep in texture and demanding of attention.
Mike Lynch Mike Lynch
Mike Biggar Mike Biggar
Mike Biggar blends a heartfelt mixture of thoughtful lyrics with powerful vocals and ’larger-than-life’ stage presence, the sum of which creates a memorable, stand-out live performance experience that is nothing short of an explosive chemical reaction.
Mike Ford Mike Ford
Mike Ford continues his musical exploration of Canadian history with his first entirely en-français album - a fantastical 12-song journey from 17th-Century Wendake/Huronia to 21st-Century Toronto.
Mike Plume Band Mike Plume Band
Hailing from Western Canada, Mike Plume brings us his latest CD.
Mike Trebilcock Mike Trebilcock
Mike Trebilcock, former lead singer of The Killjoys comes aboard Maple offering his latest, ’Shield Millions’.
The Miniatures The Miniatures
The energetic rock stylings of The Miniatures comes to MapleMusic. Check them out today!
Mint Mall Mint Mall
The Mint Records collection is now available at!
One of the most innovative and melodic new groups to come out of Canada, Mir’s unique, challenging, easily identifiable sound makes them stand out clearly against all other pop/rock groups.
Miranda Mulholland Miranda Mulholland
Miriam Jones Miriam Jones
The Mississippi Kings The Mississippi Kings
If everything old is new again, then The Mississippi Kings, a quintet hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, should take both the old and new world by storm with the release of their debut album, Long Time Comin’.
Misstress Barbara Misstress Barbara
Though fans and critiques could argue that Misstress Barbara earned her stripes long ago as a dance producer, her work on Many Shades of Grey pushes her into a new arena of creativity with stronger song-writing and more confident production.
Mobile Mobile
Mobile is now available at MapleMusic
The Mocking Bird The Mocking Bird
The Mocking Bird is the new project from acclaimed singer songwriter Bob Kemmis. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished exhibits a new, rockier urgency in stark contrast to the low-key studio albums Kemmis has previously released under his own name.
Molly Thomason Molly Thomason
Molly Thomason has been called an old soul in a charged, 15 year old body. Her passion for writing and performing communicates through her intelligent and subtle lyrics and her deft and lyrical melody writing.
The Monday Nights The Monday Nights
Nobody likes Mondays but everyone loves Monday Nights. You’ve made it past the hardest part of the week and with one day down, it all gets a little easier.
Moneen Moneen
The foiling of new mentalities with old mannerisms is what makes The World I Want To Leave Behind such a culmination of creativity for Moneen, though the journey isn’t ending anytime soon.
Money Money Money Money
In the grand scheme of things, Money Money had all of the elements that make up a top-notch pop band. There was just one problem. Money Money is NOT a pop band.
The Monkey Bunch The Monkey Bunch  ()
“I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family….” A Purple Dinosaur. An irritated parent. Is that what we want kids listening to? Maybe it’s time to give kids music that won’t drive their parents insane.
Monster Truck Monster Truck
Mother Mother Mother Mother
EUREKA, the third studio album from Canadian avante pop quintet MOTHER MOTHER, is the band’s most tenacious and undaunted record to date.
Motion Soundtrack Motion Soundtrack
Motion Soundtrack’s ’The Bridge’ is an album of meticulously crafted songs that combines traditional pop with splashes of art-rock.
The Motorleague The Motorleague
The Motorleague play fast and riffy, pelvic rock and roll that is catchy as sin but won’t leave you feeling guilty for liking it.
Moxy Früvous Moxy Früvous
The Moxy Früvous boys celebrate 10 successful years together with the release of their eighth CD ’The C Album,’ an MM exclusive.
Mugshot Mugshot
Toronto’s Mugshot have a penchant for three-part harmonies and hooky choruses that belie their punk demeanor to create a catalogue of great songs.
The Murder Plans The Murder Plans
The Murder Plans are an Ottawa foursome whose brooding, cathartic sound has garnered them comparisons to the likes of Wilco, Constantines, The Talking Heads and Leonard Cohen.
Murray McLauchlan Murray McLauchlan
Murray McLauchlan learned how to play folk guitar at age 12 from Jim McCarthy, but his artistic abilities kept him in pursuit of his musical dream.
Music For Mapmakers Music For Mapmakers
Music For Mapmakers offers a mix of bass, guitars and vox in their new CD entitled ’.02’.
MusiCounts MusiCounts
Mark the 40th anniversary of the Juno Awards with Music from Far and Wide: Celebrating 40 Years of the Juno Awards.
My Friend Andy My Friend Andy
My Friend Andy is a Kingston-based band mixing rock and alt-pop who bring us their new album, Songs From the Middle.