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Lady Hayes Lady Hayes
Opening Hearts & Apertures is the debut album from Lady Hayes.
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Music from an all-star roster of artists assembled by celebrated Canadian musician and producer Chris Brown for Toronto-based environmental justice charity Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.
Land Of Talk Land Of Talk
Montreal-based musical innovator Elizabeth Powell has been banging out ’Anti Folk Basement Rock’ since the ripe old age of fourteen. Influences can be traced back to early P.J. Harvey, Dinosaur Jr., and the local Punk rock and Home rock in the Royal City.
Language Arts Language Arts
Laura Barrett Laura Barrett
For the past 7 months the beloved and bespectacled musical linguist who introduced many of us to the clocklike tones of her signature kalimba, has been hard at work on her debut full- length album.
Laura Smith Laura Smith
Smith seems unassuming off-stage and at only 22 years of age, she sings with crystal clear vocals and a polish that certainly belies her youth
Lawrence Cresswell Lawrence Cresswell
’Cresswell clearly isn’t out to reinvent the musical wheel. He realizes that meaningful words and resonant melodies are drawn best with clear, crisp lines, resembling trees silhouetted under a full moon on a cold winter’s night. -Robert Reid. The Kitch
Lorraine Lawson Lorraine Lawson
Hear everything from up-tempo pop to soaring ballads on Lorraine Lawson’s ’Quiet Nights’.
Lazarazu Lazarazu
Armed with a compelling combination of loops beats and lush melodies, Lazarazu bring electronic pop-rock to Maple.
Lee Harvey Osmond Lee Harvey Osmond
The artist collective LeE HARVeY OsMOND bring bass, hypnotic rhythms and a lot of groove into their songwriting circle.
Leeroy Stagger Leeroy Stagger
Raised here by his grandparents and his mechanic-father, it’s no wonder that an air of domestic discord and dreams of white picket fences charge the song craft of one Leeroy Stagger.
Leif Vollebekk Leif Vollebekk
Leif Vollebekk spent two years searching for perfect takes. This search took him from his home in Montreal to a studio in Manhattan, from a farmhouse in Woodstock, NY to a mansion outside Paris. The result is his new record, North Americana.
Lennie Gallant Lennie Gallant
Lennie Gallant is a prolific songwriter/performer with 6 critically acclaimed albums, winning him a host of awards and nominations from both the JUNOS and the East Coast Music Awards.
Les Sequelles Les Sequelles
This four member group hails from La Belle Province, and have a distinct sound that mixes rock & roll with a 60’s style hipness.
Lesley Pike Lesley Pike
This is the type of artist who can translate half a minute of life experience into a profound musical statement. It’s almost scary to imagine the effect a few years will have on her.
Leviride Leviride
LEVIRIDE is synonymous with short, sweet rock epics. With a sound that varies from a hint of aggressive, melodic punk to gorgeous, lush guitar rock, Leviride kicks out its’ own brand of anthemic indie rock.
Lewis Melville Lewis Melville
Lewis Melville brings not only his own music to Maple, but several compilations he has worked on with fellow artists.
Liam Titcomb Liam Titcomb
At seventeen years of age, Liam has already established himself as a talented performer, powerful songwriter and a respected musician.
Library Voices Library Voices
Lickpenny Loafer Lickpenny Loafer
Lickpenny Loafer is now on
Likewater Likewater
With a unique sound all their own, Likewater’s strong vocals, catchy melodies and emotional performance can be compared to that of Sarah McLachlan, Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries.
Lillix Lillix
Spoken like true rock veterans, there’s no doubt that the girls of Lillix are set to put their music where their mouths are.
Lily Frost Lily Frost
Taking a page from 50’s crooner Julie London, 30’s style jazz, and the 60’s chanteuse tradition, Lily Frost’s brand of lounge pop is a musical hybrid.
Limblifter Limblifter
Linda McLean Linda McLean
Linda McLean’s album, ’Betty’s Room’, is like a diary set to music, a highly personable listening experience.
Linus Entertainment Linus Entertainment
Linus brings their music collection to MapleMusic
Lioness Lioness
Haunting off-the-radar locales, playing low-key after-hours sets in dark, sweaty clubs, Lioness has generated a noteworthy undercurrent of buzz on the scene.
Lister Lister
Stu and Mike Lister have been laying down big melodies and big beats since 1997 with drummer Marco Rayes and bassist Dan Boivin. ‘Half Built Set’ is their debut full-length record.
Little India Little India
Little Scream Little Scream
LITTLE SCREAM’S music is - like her moniker - full of perfectly satisfying contradictions. It is at once familiar and completely distinct; effortlessly absorbing multiple genres into a sparkly and cohesive landscape.
Little Miss Moffat Little Miss Moffat
Charged up, and ready to go another round, Little Miss Moffat re-emerges onto the music scene with a renewed commitment to just do what she loves: write, record, and play music.
Live At The Music Room Live At The Music Room
Live at The Music Room exists to expose, showcase, and record up-and-coming Canadian musical talent.
The London Apartments The London Apartments
The London Apartments have established an international grassroots following with a musical style that transcends borders and cookie cutter musical genres.
Loreena McKennitt Loreena McKennitt
Award-winning ’eclectic Celtic’ singer/songwriter Loreena McKennitt has sold over 14 million records worldwide.
Lori McKenna Lori McKenna
Lori Cullen Lori Cullen
A unique blend of jazz, pop and folk make Lori Cullen a brave new voice for all seasons. A truly original talent about to make her mark on the world stage with daring song writing and gently soaring vocals.
Liane de Lotbiničre Liane de Lotbiničre
Singer, composer Liane de Lotbiničre blends genres and techniques on her multi-format disc ’What is Beautiful’.
Lovemethod Lovemethod
Lovemethod is Canada’s modern breakthrough rock and soul band. Their unique groove based, melodic music is setting a new standard for a fresh and inspired sound. Get ’If You Will’ today.
Low Level Flight Low Level Flight
Low Level Flight’s debut album, Urgency, kicks off with a soaring 80s-style keyboard and a vocal effect on the upbeat rocker ’Change For Me’
Lodown Lodown
With just a mile of water separating the two cities, the influences run deep. LODOWN draws on these influences to create a hard rock “wall of sound” that has become the backbone of this groundbreaking band.
Lowest of the Low Lowest of the Low
Toronto born and bred, The Lowest Of The Low were trailblazers who turned the tide, bringing about the revelation that there was no longer a need to look beyond this country’s borders to satiate the soundtrack of our lives.
’From the Bitter to the Sweet’ marks the strong return of Canadian hitmaker LUBA. This 11-song collection includes the single ’Is She A Lot Like Me.’
Lucie Idlout Lucie Idlout
With the recent resurrection of vintage guitar rock, one of the most interesting new arrivals on the scene is songstress Lucie Idlout.
Luke Doucet Luke Doucet
Skirting the laws of love and self-indulgence, Luke slips over the border into balladeer country; a seat belt holding up his pants, leaving Bonnie back at the ranch (all she ever did was whine).
Luther Wright & The Wrongs Luther Wright & The Wrongs
With over 300 live dates in Canada and the U.S. in the last two years and rave reviews in the N.Y. & L.A. Times/Washington Post, how can Luther Wright and the Wrongs, be wrong?
Lye draws from a number of musical styles and artistic influences, combining electronic music with grunge and dark progressive rock. In the current North American music scene LYE is an anomaly: too heavy to be indie rock, too industrial to be considered
Lynn Miles Lynn Miles
Juno Award winner Lynn Miles combines her sweet, melodic and powerful voice with incisive lyrics on her fifth album ’Love Sweet Love’.