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Jake Fairley Jake Fairley
Over the past few years Jake Fairley has become recognized as a key force in the growing Canadian electronic music scene. Since June 2000, Jake has had nearly twenty releases under various names and on various labels, mostly under the Kompakt Distribution
Jake Mathews Jake Mathews
Country star, Jake Mathews brings his new rock solid album, ’Time After Time’ to MapleMusic.
James Bryan James Bryan
All it takes is talent and inspiration, two qualities which James Bryan certainly possesses. As he proves on his solo debut, Beautiful World, the less likely the hybrid, the more exhilarating the result.
Jane Siberry - The Sheeba Boutique Jane Siberry - The Sheeba Boutique
MapleMusic welcomes Jane Siberry’s extensive and globally acclaimed body of work to the site.
Jason Hastie Jason Hastie
Jason Kirkness Jason Kirkness
Jason McCoy Jason McCoy
With Everything, Jason McCoy’s first studio record since the release of Sins, Lies and Angels in 2003, the Anten Mills, Ontario, born country singer/songwriter is looking at his music and his career from an entirely fresh perspective.
Jason Fowler Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler is a Toronto singer/songwriter, session guitarist and producer. He has released 5 solo albums under his own name since 1995.
Jason Kent Jason Kent
The Jason Kent Band comes out of the ashes of Soft Canyon, Bodega, and The Sonny Best Band. This is timeless, aesthetically beautiful, texturally and sonically extraterrestrial music.
Jason Plumb Jason Plumb
The Walton’s frontman Jason Plumb has released his latest solo venture ’Wide Open Music’
Jay Sparrow Jay Sparrow
Initially staking his claim in the world of music via punk outfit The Murder City Sparrows, over the past two years, Jay Sparrow has blossomed as one of Canada’s most forthright and enterprising young singer/songwriters.
Jay Aymar Jay Aymar
Jay Aymar is a Canadian singer-songwriter who mixes elements of country and folk music with his straight forward often humorous lyrics.
Jaydee Bixby Jaydee Bixby
Country music’s greatest prospect Jaydee Bixby, brings his debut effort ’Cowboys and Cadillacs’ to MapleMusic
Jay Harris Jay Harris
Jay Harris brings his latest to MapleMusic
Jay Malinowski Jay Malinowski
Jeff Bird Jeff Bird
Jeff Bird offers his music including his latest effort ’Deep Breathing’. This Cowboy Junkie plays a multitude of instruments to showcase his undeniable musical talents.
Jeffery Straker Jeffery Straker
Jenn Grant Jenn Grant
Jenn Grant’s writing embodies the timelessness of jazz standards, the naked melancholy of roots, and the shimmering effervescence of AM-vintage pop into a hybridized music that is larger than the sum of its seemingly disparate parts.
Jennie Laws Jennie Laws
Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented new arrival on the cutting edge of today’s music.
Jennifer LFO Jennifer LFO
Jennifer LFO is a true pop eclectic with a unique point of view. Her new album, Songs From the Alien Beacon is a wide-ranging collection of smart songs full of truth, grit, and lots of wit.
Jennifer Gasoi Jennifer Gasoi  ()
What do you do when jazz club audiences repeatedly beg you to sing your children’s songs? You surrender. Especially if they’re as catchy and fun as Jennifer Gasoi’s songs. She may be trained in jazz, but she’s made for kids!
Jenny Whiteley Jenny Whiteley
Jenny Whiteley’s new, Juno Award winning CD, which she produced herself, is available now.
Jericho Beach Music Jericho Beach Music
Jericho Beach Music was formed in 1997 with the release of ‘Compadres’; a truly Canadian collaboration between singer/songwriter James Keelaghan and Latino guitarist Oscar Lopez.
Jerry Leger Jerry Leger
Traveling Grey is Jerry Leger’s fourth album and finds him poised to indelibly add his name to the roll call that has built Toronto’s international reputation as a singer/songwriter Mecca.
Jerry Sereda Jerry Sereda
Jess Moskaluke Jess Moskaluke
Jesse Giddings Jesse Giddings
Jesse David Weeks Jesse David Weeks
Jesse David Weeks brings his debut album to, featuring the award-winning title track, Somewhere In The Distance.
Jessica Beach Jessica Beach
Jessica’s debut commercial release STICKY HANDS, was recorded at Greenhouse Studios with Producer Stephen Drake and is already creating a buzz with Standard Radio.
Jessica Holmes Jessica Holmes
Jessica Holmes, star of The Holmes Show and Royal Canadian Air Farce is thrilled to present her first comedy cd.
Jessica Rhaye Jessica Rhaye
’Her storybook-like style features subtle shades of simplicity blended with an old-fashioned aesthetic’ -
Jill Barber Jill Barber
Jill Barber’s Chansons, is an album of her own interpretations of classic French songs from both France and Québec. With this album, Jill is poised to continue her burgeoning love affair with her French audience and Francophiles alike.
Jim Bryson Jim Bryson
Jim Bryson’s latest album touches on beautiful and brooding all at once -- a must have for Canadian music lovers.
Jim Cuddy Jim Cuddy
’All In Time’, the debut solo album from Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy gives fans a further glimpse inside a man who has become renowned as one-half of Canada’s most popular songwriting team.
Jim Guthrie Jim Guthrie
Jim Guthrie brings us his CD, ’Morning Noon Night’, cementing his status as one of Canada’s finest folk musicians.
Jimmy Rankin Jimmy Rankin
With his fourth solo CD, Forget About the World, Jimmy Rankin serves up a decidedly jubilant songwriter record that celebrates love and life with a fervour.
Jo Hikk Jo Hikk
Jodi King Jodi King
With each song, demo and performance turning more and more people into fans of Jodi King, it’s becoming clear that music, quite simply, is what Jodi meant to do.
Joel Plaskett Joel Plaskett
Halifax’s Joel Plaskett is a gifted songwriter, equally adept in the roots sound of his solo albums and the full rock and roll of his band The Emergency.
Joey Landreth Joey Landreth
Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Joey Landreth has grown up with a guitar in his hands.
John Mann John Mann
Mister Mann is the solo project of Spirit of the West’s front man and songwriter John Mann.
John Borra John Borra
Critically lauded and a regular presence among Toronto’s musical talent, singer John Borra is a mainstay on the city’s music scene. His latest CD is ’One Night at Seven in the Morning’.
John Ford John Ford
Vancouver garage-band rockers go big. Crank up the volume! John Ford has come screaming their way into MapleMusic with their leather jackets and punk rock sound shaking their fists in the air.
John Gracie John Gracie
Award-winning Singer/Songwriter John Gracie, another Cape Bretoner that was born to write and sing music.
The John Henrys The John Henrys
Their music emerges from rich traditions, but the John Henrys landscape is their own. They straddle the divide between sweet country and 60’s R&B, and they do it in their own distinct way
Johnny Hollow Johnny Hollow
The album includes stunning images of the world as Johnny sees it; images for those who cannot paint; songs for those who have no voice.
Johnny Reid Johnny Reid
Johnny Reid is now online at MapleMusic
John Sheard John Sheard
John Southworth John Southworth
John Southworth, who has worked with such artists as Hawksley Workman and Mary Margaret O’Hara, brings his collection of music to Maple.
Jon Mullane Jon Mullane
Joni Mitchell Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell’s unique interpretation of divergent styles creates an intriguing, often unclassifiable musical landscape, captivating music lovers and keeping pundits guessing.
Jon-Rae And The River Jon-Rae And The River
Jon-Rae and the River formed in Toronto during the winter months of 2003 after Jon-Rae moved from Vancouver. Dave, Ian, Paul, Jonathan, Michael, Anne are the river.
Josh Macumber Josh Macumber
Josh Reichmann Oracle Band Josh Reichmann Oracle Band
Josh returns to music with an entirely new line up of collaborators, now gathering from a pool of Soul, early-Funk, Roots and dark Punk influences.
Joshua Cockerill Joshua Cockerill
Joshua Cockerill brings his debut album to!
Joshua Seller Joshua Seller
Joshua Seller now on!
Joyfilled Music Joyfilled Music  ()
Joy Filled Music brings their music to MapleMusic.
Julian Taylor Julian Taylor
While listening to Julian Taylor you will discover beauty, intensity, and an unmistakable grace.
Julie Crochetière Julie Crochetière
From the first soulful note on her upcoming CD entitled A Better Place, you’re instantly transported into her world. Each song tells a story that everyone can relate to.
Julie Doiron Julie Doiron
Juno award-winning artist, Julie Doiron, brings her French and English albums here to MapleMusic; the creamy, mellow voice of this prolific musician oozes with experience.
Jully Black Jully Black
Jully delivers a large dose of music that’s all her own on This Is Me, an honest representation of sultry soul laced with hip-hop, pop, reggae and dub.
The Junction The Junction
The Junction have established a consistent, anthemic rock sound that can only come from highly-developed cohesion and an unbridled joy of music.
Junetile Junetile
It’s easy to fall for the laid-back, eclectic, pop-electronic infusion music of Junetile. You’ll find their array of CDs here, including the latest, ’All Things (un)Clear’.
Junior Pantherz Junior Pantherz
Junior Pantherz love of music is the only inspiration required to release five albums in six years, tour the country continually and dedicate their lives to creating music they love.
Juno Awards Juno Awards
Justin Hines Justin Hines
In talking about his music, singer-songwriter Justin Hines says, “Honestly, I don’t remember wanting to do anything else, period.”
Justin Nozuka Justin Nozuka
Justin Nozuka is now available at
Justin Rutledge Justin Rutledge
It’s hard not to fall in love with Justin’s tearstained emotional voice.