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Idle Sons Idle Sons
Idle Sons is now available at
illScarlett illScarlett
illScarlett is a rhythm and reggae influenced, filthy dub band that takes no prisoners.
Immaculate Machine Immaculate Machine
Inspired by sweat, dancing, love and political dissent, Immaculate Machine is a tight trio that sings in three-part harmonies and strangled shouts above crashing drums, catchy keyboards and electric guitar.
The Immigrants The Immigrants
Hamilton, Ontario’s The Immigrants release their new CD ’Out On A Limb’.
In-Flight Safety In-Flight Safety
The Halifax-based quartet’s first full-length album The Coast Is Clear exceeds all expectations. The disc is a superb cinematic pop experiment that tugs at your heartstrings upon first listen.
Inlet Sound Inlet Sound
Inlet Sound is the musical convergence of passionate folk-rock spirit and atmospheric pop form.
Inner City Surfers Inner City Surfers
Meet the Inner City Surfers. Give them shots of Jag, a couple doobies, a few girls phone numbers and you’ve got yourself a house band for life...
Inside Music Books Inside Music Books
Inside Music Books is an imprint of Napoleon and Company, which has been publishing award-winning materials since 1990
Introspect Introspect
Stefan Tochev aka Introspect (or Intro) is a new, Canadian, Hip Hop awakening. Creating his talent from pure passion and dedication there are no fallacious smoke and mirrors to Intro’s skills.
The Irish Descendants The Irish Descendants
The band’s award winning recordings range from lilting ballads to toe-tapping reels, and their high-energy, humorous live performances have made them a popular attraction at home and abroad.
Isobel Trigger Isobel Trigger
Ivy Mairi Ivy Mairi
’Ivy Mairi has a voice that transcends time and place and uses it to sing a repertoire of songs both original and traditional that remind you of those moments in life when time stands still.’ - Andy Maize