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Halabisky’s Uprising Halabisky’s Uprising
Halflife Records Halflife Records
Halflife Records is one of the leading independent music labels in Canada
Hannah Georgas Hannah Georgas
Harlan Pepper Harlan Pepper
Alt-Folk Hammer Heads, Harlan Pepper are young men playing music with an old soul.
The Harlots The Harlots
With music that’s emotionally driven and dynamic, The Harlots unique hard-core rock-pop sound can be heard on ’Crawl Spaces’.
Hashimoto Hashimoto
Hashimoto combines catchy pop melodies and quirky lyrics with the right amount of experimentation on ’April’.
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii brings their music to Maple.
Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman
Hawksley arrived on the scene nearly a decade ago with a fearlessness rooted in an undeniable vocal panache. This Juno Award winning wild card has already cemented his place as an emblem of Canadian culture here and abroad.
Hayden Hayden
Hayden brings us his latest album, ’The Place Where We Lived’
Hayley Sales Hayley Sales
While it is true that everyone has a story, Hayley Sales’ experiences are so numerous and compelling that they almost sound fictional.
Heather Rankin Heather Rankin
The Heavy Blinkers The Heavy Blinkers
Two years in the making, ’The Night and I Are Still So Young’ consolidates the nocturnal orchestrations of the Flaming Lips & Mercury Rev and grafts them onto material akin to 70’s era Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson or Randy Newman.
Hedley Hedley
Vancouver’s multi-platinum power pop-rockers, Hedley, release their 3rd studio album The Show Must Go.
Hello Operator Hello Operator
Hello Operator is a new wave-inspired band, using its love of the ‘80s to create catchy synth-driven rock songs.
hennessey hennessey
Ottawa’s Hennessey are back with their new CD, ’Life On AM Radio’.
The Henrys The Henrys
Characterized in part by the tone of the Kona guitar, Toronto’s The Henrys have a sound all their own.
Hewit Hewit
Canadian power-pop quintet Hewit bare little resemblance to anything else coming out of Canada these days. Their ultra emotive melodies and plain-sight lyrics evoke a desire to leave any persiflage behind.
Hey Stella Hey Stella
Country singer Lori Yates formed Hey Stella! in ’98 with long-time friends Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo), David Baxter and Michelle Josef. They play revisions of their favourite David Bowie songs, as can be heard on their haunting self-titled debut disc.
The Higgins The Higgins
MapleMusic is thrilled to welcome Kathleen, Eileen and John Higgins as The Higgins.
The High Dials The High Dials
The High Dials draw on everything from science-fiction, old comic books, movie soundtracks and psychedelia to Trevor’s garden.
High Valley High Valley
It’s that one-two punch of powerful songs and potent performances that makes High Valley one of the most impressive new acts on today’s competitive country scene.
Hilary Weaver Hilary Weaver
Hilary Weaver is a 21 year old award-winning singer and songwriter from Toronto who is breaking out in the pop/rock genre in Canada, the U.S. and the UK! Check out her fresh and catchy pop/retro rock songs with her powerful emotional vocals!!
Hollerado Hollerado
Holly Cole Holly Cole
The Holly Springs Disaster The Holly Springs Disaster
The Holly Springs Disaster embark on their farewell tour across Canada this August!
Holly McNarland Holly McNarland
Holly McNarland brings her CDs to MapleMusic. Her latest album, ’Chin Up Buttercup’, affirms her position as one of Canada’s prolific singer/songwriters.
Holy Fuck Holy Fuck
While it is difficult to describe the sounds made by mashed up Casio beats, layered with pounding drums and scratched up film tape, the one comment that is on everyone’s lips is...well, ’Holy Fuck!’
Honey Jar Honey Jar
Phemphat brings its CD Honey Drops to Maple Music - this collection of R&B and Hip-Hop sounds is sweet.
Hooded Fang Hooded Fang
With full harmonies, rotating singers, and changing instrumentation, Hooded Fang can sound like The Cure at their least gloomy and Herman Düne armed with synths and a trombone.
Hotel Hotel
Hotel checks-in to Maple Music.
Hot Little Rocket Hot Little Rocket
Hot Little Rocket, from Calgary, Alberta, come rockin’ their way onto the Canadian music scene with their album, ’Danish Documentary’.
Hot One Hot One
The self-titled debut features songs like, “Sexy Soldier” which is like much of the Hot One oeuvre, a laser beam- brilliant and alluring, yet cuts with precision.
Hot Panda Hot Panda
Hot Panda have been compared, in the same breath, to everything from Daniel Johnson to the Talking Heads.
Howie Beck Howie Beck
Howie Beck has a voice that rarely rises above a whisper, Beck creates soft, wistful music. Malaise at its most moving.
Hugh Dillon Hugh Dillon
Combining acting with a distinguished career as a singer songwriter, Hugh Dillon is a dark horse that has been galvanized as one of North America’s most respected performers.
Hundred Mile House Hundred Mile House
Hundred Mile House’s self-titled debut EP is made up of quintessential driving tunes. The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin produced three out of the five tracks.
Huron Huron
Hurst Hurst
Wanderlust, Hurst’s first post-Econoline seven-song EP, carries a disclaimer: No sequencers or samplers were injured during the making of this record.
The Hylozoists The Hylozoists
L’île de Sept Villes, the third record by creator Paul Aucoin, is a sonic dream, where focus is put on the landscape of the pieces; it solidifies The Hylozoists as Canada’s indie-art orchestral mavens.