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Garth and Maud Hudson Garth and Maud Hudson
The Hudson’s music is a masterful collection of jazz and blues, gospel and roots music featuring Canadian Music Hall of Fame member Garth Hudson at the piano and the distinctive voice of Maud Hudson.
Gary Beals Gary Beals
Born and raised in Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia, Gary’s CD includes an interlude he wrote to show his appreciation to the millions of fans who have overwhelmingly supported his music and are patiently awaiting his first album release, aptly called Thank You.
Gavin Slate Gavin Slate
Gavin Slate’s new EP, Life as a Salesman, provides a living room listening experience for the tunes that have been capturing the hearts of fans from cafes to venues throughout North America.
Gentleman Reg Gentleman Reg
The wallflower leaps from the wallpaper as Gentleman Reg wrings out a more extroverted album than the last. Check out their new CD ’Darby & Joan’.
Gentlemen Husbands Gentlemen Husbands
Geoff Berner Geoff Berner
George George
George is now available at
Glengarry Bhoys Glengarry Bhoys
The Glengarry Bhoys raise Celtic music to a new level. There’s no way you can stay still while listening to these Bhoys. Their new album ’Mountain Road’ and the rest of their albums are available at Maple Music now.
Glo Glo
Montreal-based modern rock trio Glo has brought their sophomore full-length On The Outside to!
Gloryhound Gloryhound
Gloryhound rewards its listeners with a distinctive brand of unbridled rock. The band produces a heavy, pulsating rhythm driven by two crunchy guitars, meshed with the band’s trademark powerful vocals.
Gob Gob
’The World According to Gob’, proves how these guys have matured as musicians and songwriters from their humble beginnings.
The Golden Seals The Golden Seals
The Golden Seals are back with a power pop collection of tracks recorded over the last five years. ’No-Hitter’ is their latest.
The Good Family The Good Family
Good For Grapes Good For Grapes
Good Lovelies Good Lovelies
Armed with a pile of instruments, a repertoire of sassy and sophisticated songs and an effervescent sense of humour the Good Lovelies never fail to charm even the toughest audiences
Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun
Gordie Sampson Gordie Sampson
Gordie Sampsons new Country record, Almost Beautiful, exemplifies the kind of thoughtful and clever writing that has earned Sampson a Grammy award, multiple awards for his recordings and an international reputation as an outstanding songwriter.
Grady Grady
On the heels of their third CD GOOD AS DEAD Grady is releasing CALLING ALL MY DEMONS a dual DVD/CD package that chronicle a complete Grady show shot in Winnipeg at The Pyramid in 2009.
Grand Analog Grand Analog
Grandpa Pike Grandpa Pike
Grandpa’s new Gospel CD, ’ For Christ’s Sake! ’ is now at Maple Music. Jesus rules, and this Grandpa rocks--standing up!
Grand:PM Grand:PM
Out via Curve Music/Universal, it is destined to turn heads and thrill ears via its compelling combination of snappy, hook-heavy pop tunes, smart lyrics, and superior yet never showy instrumentation.
Great Lake Swimmers Great Lake Swimmers
Great Big Sea Great Big Sea
Although there is no single word to describe the unique sound of Great Big Sea, their music is an energetic combination of Celtic rock and sing-along folk, while remaining unmistakably traditional.
Great Bloomers Great Bloomers
With songs that shine out with optimism and excitement, the Great Bloomers are truly blossoming.
Green Go Green Go
From the basement house parties of arts-drenched town Guelph, Ontario comes a unique 10-handed mash-up of synths, drums, bass and guitar. Green Go is a girl/boy-fronted machine that runs on the fuel that is hot, sweaty dancing.
Gregg Lawless Gregg Lawless
Gregg Lawless just may be the best singer/songwriter you’ve never heard, but his ability to win over concert audiences from eight to eighty is bound to change this very soon.
Gregg LeRock Gregg LeRock
Gregg’s high-energy concerts feature pop, reggae, hip-hop, folk, blues and Cajun styles, guaranteed to get every kid shakin’ and singin’ … all in French!
Greg Hobbs Greg Hobbs
Toronto-based singer/songwriter Greg Hobbs brings a fresh perspective to the folk-rock, roots-country genres.
Greg Keelor Greg Keelor
Greg Keelor’s latest album ’Seven Songs for Jim’ is available now at MapleMusic.
Grimes Grimes
Gwen Swick Gwen Swick
Gwen Swick’s warm voice, lyrical melodies, and lush accompaniments are the call of this song siren.