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Faber Drive Faber Drive
Four boys from the small town of Mission joined together to form the band Faber Drive with their minds set on writing amazing songs and achieving great success.
Fearing & White Fearing & White
Here is a project that is greater than the sum of its parts. When those two parts are as individually talented as acclaimed singer/songwriters Stephen Fearing and Andy White, you know you’re in for a unique listening experience.
FemBots FemBots
With a stronger lyrical focus and a richer, more collaborative sound, The City is a story of stories – a sometimes affectionate, sometimes angry ode to the FemBots hometown, its buried past and uncertain future.
Femme Generation Femme Generation
’A molotov cocktail of feverish rhythm and fiery vocals. Essential listening.’
Finlayson Maize Finlayson Maize
Five Blank Pages Five Blank Pages
In becoming acquainted with Toronto, Ontario’s Five Blank Pages, one cannot help but think of the proverbial weekend cottage, indulging in long strolls by a lapping shore or drawing closer to loved ones by camp fire on cool Canadian nights.
Flashlight Brown Flashlight Brown
An energetic blend of ska and punk rock, Flashlight Brown’s latest is available at MapleMusic.
Flash Lightnin Flash Lightnin
Flash Lightnin’ brings their music to MapleMusic
The Floor The Floor
For a few years now they’ve been playing fantastic shows and making superior recordings. They’ve been casting their gaze well beyond the anonymity of their surroundings, taking cues from The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, and a legion of other outsiders.
Flux a.d. Flux a.d.
Rock? Pop? Electronica? How about a bit of all three mixed together? FLUX a.d. is here at MapleMusic.
Flying Bulgars Flying Bulgars
Tumbling Into Light is The Flying Bulgars’ sixth CD. It is full of darkness and hope, mixing poetry, anger and longing in a heady mix of Jewish-inspired melodies.
Ford Pier Ford Pier
The music could be described as lavishly orchestrated polytonal singer-sonwritin’ noise pop...with a beat!
Forward Music Group Forward Music Group
Share, Sleepless Nights, The Olympic Symphonium, Grand Theft Bus, Force Fields, The Motorleague, The Slate Pacific, and Paiens!
Four Square Four Square
Combining equal parts Abbey Road, late 70’s power pop and mid-nineties melodic punk rock with the studio wizardry of singer/songsmith Simon Head, Toronto, Canada’s Four Square comes with a succinct hard hitting post punk rock package that packs a visceral
The Frenetics The Frenetics
With their ’Scenery e.p.’ disc, The Frenetics mix seventies attitude, strong melodies and driving choruses.
Frontier Index Frontier Index
New Rainbow Quartz signees Frontier Index hale from Toronto and Stratford respectively, and bring a nice mix of psychedelic pop and country twang to the table and deliver it with style.
The Front The Front
The Front bring their album to MapleMusic. The Front’s powerful sound is created by, combining a stripped-down rhythm section with two rapid-fire MC’s.
The Fullblast The Fullblast
Blending fast, explosive punk-rock with unparalleled rhythmic experimentation and melody, and drawing inspiration from a breath of musical styles and artists, they have truly developed a unique sound.
The Full Nine The Full Nine
The Full Nine brings their CD to MapleMusic. Sounds ranging from explosive-riff guitar, moody psychedelia to classic pop.
Full White Drag Full White Drag
With their hard-hitting post punk sound and relentless touring schedule over the past 4 years - FWD have been making believers from coast to coast to coast.
The Funky Mamas The Funky Mamas
The Funky Mamas are a delightful quintet who engage children of all ages with their captivating stage presence, charming antics and, of course, funkiness. You can trust them, they’re mothers.