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Dala Dala
DALA is their name, and melting your hardened heart is their game.
Combining the high octane energy of groups like White Zombie and Monster Magnet with the intensity of Machine Head, DAMN 13 are a full-on RIOT ROCK experience.
Dan Bryk Dan Bryk
Melodic gems line each of Dan Bryk’s cds, with their witty, self-deprecating poetry and catchy pop inspired accompaniments.
Dan-e-o Dan-e-o
Saying that Dan-e-o ‘raps well’ is like claiming Michael Jordan did a pretty good job of playing basketball during his career.
Daniel Lanois Daniel Lanois
Lanois’ vividly cinematic new album Belladonna does take you on a journey, a journey without words. Instrumental music ’can speak louder than singing’.
Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto
Danielle Duval Danielle Duval
Montreal born recording artist, intrinsic rocker DANIELLE DUVAL gets set to launch “OF THE VALLEY”. Delivered by a magnetically gutsy voice; the music is old school, harmony driven pop, mixed with an early rock n’ roll sensibility.
Danny Fernandes Danny Fernandes
Don’t believe the hype-stars aren’t born. They’re self-made, assembled from skills, drive and heart. These are the building blocks that launched the steady rise of Danny Fernandes, RnB’s newest northern light.
The Danny Mainstreet Band The Danny Mainstreet Band
The Danny Mainstreet Band is equal parts hard work, talent, guts and commitment.
Danny Michel Danny Michel
The prodigious Danny Michel just never stops. With two Juno nominations and six solo albums to his credit and countless fans, he is unquestionably one of the finest and most charming songwriters to ever grace the stage.
The Darkest of The Hillside Thickets The Darkest of The Hillside Thickets
When is an H.P. Lovecraft story not a book? When it’s an album by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, of course!
Dave Dunlop Dave Dunlop
Dave’s debut solo effort is presented in two parts; Part 1 is a mix of Pop and Rock, featuring explosive grooves, sweet vocals, and Dave’s signature guitar playing. Part 2 is a collection of Acoustics songs in a style he has become known for over the last
Dave Gunning Dave Gunning
Picking up the 2005 East Coast Music Award for Folk Recording of the Year for his fourth album, Two-Bit World, Gunning solidified his place in the East Coast music community.
Dave Marsh Dave Marsh
David Matheson David Matheson
David Matheson of Moxy Früvous brings us his self titled solo CD.
David Bradstreet David Bradstreet
David Bradstreet presents to MapleMusic the digitally re-mastered CD, ’David Bradstreet’ A&M SP9026 (1977).
David Gogo David Gogo
David Gogo blends blues, soul and rock in an electric performance bringing an innovative texture to his music.
David Myles David Myles
Somewhere on the spectrum between James Taylor and Justin Timberlake, David Myles has truly forged his own path by embracing modern and vintage pop, folk and soul music.
David Rocco David Rocco
David Rocco, star of “David Rocco’s Dolce Vita”, is one of Canada’s favorite television food and lifestyle hosts.
David Vest David Vest
David Wilcox David Wilcox
David Wilcox brings his music to
David Baxter David Baxter
David Baxter is a lifer. Journeyman guitarist, award winning songwriter and producer, he has been writing, performing and producing music since childhood.
David Celia David Celia
Young veteran musician David Celia is one of Toronto’s most experienced independent artists and busiest working musicians.
David Clayton-Thomas David Clayton-Thomas
David Clayton-Thomas began his amazing journey as a homeless street kid and developed into one of the most recognizable singer/songwriters in the world, to date selling over 40 milion records.
David Martel David Martel
Before the universe was created, David Martel knew his calling was to make music. So he devised a scheme: get born, and take it from there.
David Usher David Usher
The Mile End Sessions, David Usher’s seventh solo album, is comprised of hits and live favourites spanning his solo career, reinterpreted in stripped down, acoustic arrangements.
David Wiffen David Wiffen
This ex member of The Children brings us his latest folk-inspired disc.
Daydreams For Dollars Daydreams For Dollars
Daydreams for Dollars have released their first full length record, simply titled Back in the Day.
Dead And Divine Dead And Divine
The Deadly Snakes The Deadly Snakes
Respecting the roots of the music they create and holding an understanding of all the best elements of those influences results in a palimpsest effect. The Deadly Snakes smooth over what lay before and start something brand new in the same place
Dear Rouge Dear Rouge
The Deep Dark Woods The Deep Dark Woods
The Deep Dark Woods’ unflinching pursuit of steadiness between decadence and minimalism is guided at every turn by their intuitive ability to balance grit, clarity, drive and restraint with a sure focus on experimentation.
Del Barber Del Barber
Del Vezeau Del Vezeau
Del Vezeau offers solo acoustic guitar tracks, that invite the listener to share in a magical journey, on his ’Paradigm’ CD.
Dependent Music Dependent Music
Dependent Music is an indie record label/artist collective working hard to promote our talented artists and their music.
Derrick Paul Miller Derrick Paul Miller
Noted as ’one of the best voices to come out of Canada in a long time’ (Flavio Monopoli, Producer), Canadian tenor Derrick Paul Miller’s most recent album of sacred and inspirational music entitled It Is Well... is sure to please.
Destino Destino
Destino’s sound is the romance of opera infused with pop and bumped up with equal parts gospel and soul.
The Diableros The Diableros
Toronto’s The Diableros now on!
Diane Nalini Diane Nalini
Diane Nalini started singing at the age of three and has never stopped
Diemonds Diemonds
Toronto is the setting for the most molten rock and metal scene in the western hemisphere. Meet Diemonds: the city’s hungriest band, clawing their way out of the underground with their saccharine-and-daggers hard rock.
Dinosaur Bones Dinosaur Bones
Dinosaur Bones music and merchandise is now available on!
Distort Entertainment Distort Entertainment
Architects, A Textbook Tragedy, Bend Sinister, Dead and Divine, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, and more!
Dizzy G Dizzy G
Doctor Doctor
Doctor’s ’High Is As High Gets ’ strikes a balance between pastoral pop beauty and an outpouring of unleashed adrenalin.
Dojo Workhorse Dojo Workhorse
Don Brownrigg Don Brownrigg
Don Kerr Don Kerr  ()
Stop and smell the roses! The Sniffing Princess by Don Kerr of the Rheostatics will show you the way.
Doug Paisley Doug Paisley
Doug Paisley’s new album, Constant Companion, certifies the singer-songwriter as a navigator of human emotion. The first flicker of music will lure you in and take you on a winding journey leading in and out of darkness that it bears.
Down In Ashes Down In Ashes
Down In Ashes bring their music to
Down With The Butterfly Down With The Butterfly
Down With The Butterfly is a progressive pop rock quartet. Their music is intense, beautiful, and insightful.
Dr. Draw Dr. Draw
Unfettered by music’s traditional boundaries, Dr. Draw and his talented band pull together an organic blend of instruments that satisfies eclectic audiences.
Driver Driver
In an age where technology rules the studio, DRIVER is a band that defies convention.
Driveway Driveway
Ex Made members make up the rock band Driveway.
Drumlin Drumlin
DRUMLIN transports you into the deep warmth of a captain’s cabin, beneath the sails and stars...
Duane Andrews Duane Andrews
Duane Andrews’s music is the product of a great ear, an adventurous spirit and a love of music that is beyond category.
The Dudes The Dudes
The Dunes The Dunes
The Toronto-based quartet has entrenched themselves into the solid foundation of innovative rock ‘n roll
Dylan Guthro Dylan Guthro
The record All That’s True leaves no doubt that talented singer-songwriter Dylan Guthro has a very bright future. The songs are solid and sincere, the musicianship superb.