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Caledonia Caledonia
Since its inception, Caledonia has quickly carved out its slice of the music scene in Halifax, NS.
Cancer Bats Cancer Bats
Cancer Bats mix hardcore, southern metal and punk rock into a lethal rock and roll explosion.
Candy Coated Killahz Candy Coated Killahz
At the intersection of glitch, electro-rap, and pop, live the Candy Coated Killahz. The duo is the brainchild of Producer/Frontgirl Tasha Schumann and Frontman Icon the Anomali, who bang out heavy-hitters, combining gritty rhymes and forceful hooks.
Captain Tractor Captain Tractor
After years of skirmishes near the borders of roots, pop, punk and rock Captain Tractor have conquered with their unmistakable energetic pop.
Carly Rae Jepsen Carly Rae Jepsen
With Carly’s debut Tug Of War, one gets the sense we’re hearing an album that would have shimmered into existence with or without the blue-lit over-exposure native to a nationwide talent contest.
The Carnations The Carnations
It’s been a long musical journey for The Carnations, but they’re back and ready for more rock n’ roll. Maplemusic welcomes their newest release: In Good Time.
Carolyn Mark Carolyn Mark
Carolyn’s persists as one of North America’s most lovingly appreciated — if underrated — roots/country stars.
Cash Brothers Cash Brothers
On their third release, ’How Was Tomorrow’, The Cash Brothers continue with poignant writing and beautiful harmonies.
Catherine MacLellan Catherine MacLellan
It is Catherine MacLellan’s voice that strikes you first. Pure and haunting, it caresses softly, insinuating itself into your heart, and just won’t let go.
Cauterize Cauterize
Cazart Records Cazart Records
Based in Vancouver, Cazart Records Inc. is a new Canadian independent label who’s first release, the 14-track compilation, ’You Need This’, is music you need to hear by an exciting, diverse array of artists who continue to grow and succeed at their craft.
Chad Brownlee Chad Brownlee
Chad Richardson Chad Richardson
Power pop melodies and rocking vocals permeate Chad Richardson’s second full-length release.
Chalmers Doane Chalmers Doane
Chalmers Doane pays tribute to some of the best popular music of the 20th century on the new ’Vol II Farm Sessions’ disc.
Champion Champion
DJ Champion - Montreal, Canada’s Maxime Morin-, ascended from the Montreal music scene over 10 years ago, and has been a dominant force there ever since.
Chantal Kreviazuk Chantal Kreviazuk
Raw, emotional, evocative and heartfelt music and lyrics lay within all of Chantal Kreviazuk’s albums available here.
After decades of watching Punky Brewster and listening to a secret radio, hidden under her mattress, char2d2 left Vancouver for Paris. She returned with the hairdo of a five year old French boy and a debut EP, Small Vampires
Charlie Major Charlie Major
Charlie Winston Charlie Winston
The official store for Charlie Winston.
Cheap Suits Cheap Suits
Cheap Suits’ energetic live sets with their catchy blend of pop, punk, ska and soul make them a band to look for in the near future.
Chin Chin
New to MapleMusic is Chin (formerly of Bass is Base), bringing with him the funky soul sounds and mellow R & B beats from his debut album, Day Dreamer.
Ching Music Ching Music
Shop the Ching Music catalogue on, including its latest release, Greg Ball’s Mr. Rightplace
Chloe Albert Chloe Albert
Edmontonian Chloe Albert is well on her way to becoming acquainted with the rest of Canada one song at a time. Her debut album Dedicated State is now available on
Chris Boudreau Chris Boudreau
Chris Boudreau’s story in professional music is one of quiet patience, and constant growth as an artist.
Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew
Hailing from Moncton, New Brunswick, the rock-out psychedelic jam trio of CHRIS COLEPAUGH AND THE COSMIC CREW is catching like wild fire from coast to coast and country to country.
Chris Brown and Kate Fenner Chris Brown and Kate Fenner
Both Chris Brown & Kate Fenner have released their own solo albums and you can get them both at Maple Music.
Chris Kirby Chris Kirby
Chris McKhool Chris McKhool
Chris McKhool is now available at
Chris Patterson Chris Patterson
Chris Patterson was born into a love of music and as one-third of the hugely successful musical comedy group The Arrogant Worms.
Chris Tait Chris Tait
Chris Tait is a practitioner of the dark art of articulate songwriting in Toronto.
Christine Fellows Christine Fellows
’The Last One Standing’, the long-awaited follow-up to Christine Fellows’ critically acclaimed ’2 Little Birds’ is a distinctive blend of classical instruments and modern interpretations.
Chris Velan Chris Velan
This Montreal-based singer-songwriter has been steadily winning over new fans who have fallen for his contagious songwriting, personable style, strong live performances and compelling brand of music that artfully joins folk-rock with reggae and pop.
Chris Warren Chris Warren
Chris Warren brings his music to MapleMusic.
Chris Wynters Chris Wynters
Chris Wynters, founder of one of Alberta’s most successful indie bands in Captain Tractor, has his first solo album.
Cities In Dust Cities In Dust
Cities in Dust know the elements, the ingredients that go into their music – but the outcome cannot be broken back down into those elements and traced back to the source. In other words, when the four members of Cities in Dust write a song, it comes
City Walls City Walls
Classified Classified
Clayton Bellamy Clayton Bellamy
The Clayton/Scott Group The Clayton/Scott Group
The Clayton/Scott Group is Jim Clayton and Andrew Scott. The group’s creative combination of smooth guitar and jazz keyboards has been winning over audiences and garnering industry praise.
The Cliks The Cliks
The Cliks is now available at
This is the sound…raw power trio avec heavy rock with emphasis on over the top high energy shows and short concise songs.
The Cocksure Lads The Cocksure Lads
Half of Moxy Früvous travel back in time to create a smashing alter-ego British Invasion project. Say hello to The Cocksure Lads!
Coco Love Alcorn Coco Love Alcorn
Part soul diva, part folk troubadour, part jazz improviser, part revolutionary, part visual artist, Coco Love Alcorn is a multifaceted gem reflecting back the world as she experiences it.
Colin James Colin James
Colin James is now available at MapleMusic.
Colin Linden Colin Linden
Singer, songwriter, guitarist extraordinaire, Colin Linden brings his music to MapleMusic.
Colleen And Paul Colleen And Paul
Colleen Hixenbaugh (By Divine Right) and Paul Linklater create 60s folk-pop with indie rock influences and hues of psychedelia.
Colleen Power Colleen Power
Colleen Power’s latest album, Le Bonheur Domestique, is available now!
Comeback Kid Comeback Kid
Comino Music Comino Music
Concert For The Angels Concert For The Angels
A Heartfelt tribute and response to the tragic death of ten year old Holly Jones. Proceeds of this CD will benefit Child Find Ontario and The Holly Jones Fund.
Constantines Constantines
Music to be heard loud and louder! Constantines’ fast and furious pace comes highly recommended from the MM powers-that-be. Their latest album Shine A Light is simply amazing.
The Contact The Contact
Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Contact is composed of Geoffrey William Fifield on vocals and guitar, Tim Fifield on bass, drummer Nathan Elliot-Doucet and keyboardist Jordan Allen.
Controller.Controller Controller.Controller
Controller.Controller bring their energetic, rhythmic post-punk rock sound to Maple.
Cookie Duster Cookie Duster
Cookie Duster has taken the basic tools of their genre and created a record with massive hooks and some unusual arrangements.
Cootes Leland Cootes Leland
Cootes Leland is the latest incarnation of Hamilton’s Tim Gibbons.
Courtney Wing Courtney Wing
Courtney Wing invites his listeners into a compelling world of carefree and unpretentious humanity. Adept instrumentation accompanied by a strong and resonant vocal style characterizes Wing’s work.
Craig Cardiff Craig Cardiff
With a committed DIY approach, Craig Cardiff has developed loyal fans throughout Canada and the US, with his well crafted songs that are clever, raw and engaging. His extensive catalogue is available through MapleMusic or at shows.
Craig Northey Craig Northey
After being a founding member and one of the principal singer/ songwriters of the band Odds, Craig Northey releases his much anticipated solo album, ’Giddy Up’.
Crash Karma Crash Karma
Crash Karma brings their latest album Rock Musique Deluxe to!
Crash Parallel Crash Parallel
Drawing inspirations from their musical influences Pearl Jam, David Gray, Coldplay and Counting Crows, Crash Parallel’s major label debut World We Know features 11 tracks that flow through melody and rock.
Crash Test Dummies Crash Test Dummies
Dryly humorous to thought provoking lyrics, melancholy and toe-tapping melodies, rich harmonies and the dark bass of lead singer Brad Roberts are the core of The Crash Test Dummies.
Crush Luther Crush Luther
Unexpected influences, from the lyrical rhythm of Lyle Lovett, to the mysterious blues of Tom Waits, combine in this band from Toronto.
Cuff The Duke Cuff The Duke
Relentlessly refining their craft, Cuff the Duke are four talented song-writers working together to create music which is part indie-rock and part old-school country.
Curve Music Curve Music
Curve Music is focused on music, the artists who create it and their career development. It’s about taking artists in exciting new directions throughout Canada and around the world.
CYR’s music overflows with remarkable hooks, vibrant melodies, rock-solid musicianship and intense vocals, which leaves even the most sporadic listener wanting more.
Cy Scobie Cy Scobie
Cy Scobie’s ’Falling Leaves Off Burning Trees’ blends the textures of classical piano and electronica.