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Jason Bajada Jason Bajada
Jason Bajada’s latest album showcases a heartfelt portrait of a rollercoaster relationship and its demise, while delivering catchy pop melodies.
The Balconies The Balconies
Barbara Lynch Barbara Lynch
Barbara Lynch is joined by John Timmins on her latest album ’In the Nickelodeon’
Barley and the Durt Barley and the Durt
Barley specializes in aggressively provocative rock songs, which mirror his curiosity for life’s most lavish highs and most socially uncouth lows. There are wild adventures and honest observations filled with humour, joy, despair, and madness.
Barney Bentall Barney Bentall
Gift Horse was made over the course of the last two years. Nine of the songs were recorded in Vancouver with my band-mate Johnny Ellis producing. The rest of the CD was recorded in Toronto with Blue Rodeo, with my good friend Jim Cuddy producing.
Basia Bulat Basia Bulat
’Oh My Darling is an enchanting collection of songs featuring Bulat’s breathy vibrato set like a jewel into organic arrangements’ -Andy Gill, The Independent (UK)
Beast Beast
Critically acclaimed, Montreal-based Beast have uncovered a sound unlike anything that is capturing fans at every turn.
The Beauties The Beauties
Beautiful 2000 Beautiful 2000
The trio behind Beautiful 2000 are creating some great Canadian rock music and generating a lot of buzz; their cds are available here.
Bebop Cowboys Bebop Cowboys
Seasoned Canadian cowboy-jazz heroes, the Bebop Cowboys have a stellar reputation for their musicianship and respect for the country-swing canons.
Bedouin Soundclash Bedouin Soundclash
Bedouin Soundclash has emerged in the past two years as a young group refusing to be classified, while blurring the lines of reggae and rock.
Belle Starr Belle Starr
Belly Belly
With three successful mixtapes and three chart-topping singles under his belt, and his full-length debut album on the way, Belly is ready.
Ben Caplan Ben Caplan
Ben Somer Ben Somer
His songs are paced with a confidence evoking a melancholy of purpose, bringing to mind the works of Neil Young, Blue Rodeo and Leonard Cohen.
The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes
Bettie Serveert Bettie Serveert
Pharmacy Of Love is the latest album from Bettie Serveert, released in Canada via Sound Of Pop Records.
Bhurr Records Bhurr Records
Bhurr Records is the record label arm of Toronto independent music company RCD Music Ltd.
Bidiniband Bidiniband
The Land is Wild is broad, dynamic rock and roll formed over a bedrock of acoustic guitar set to epic tales of adventure and the tapestry of political and emotional life, not forgetting the odd song about smoking
Big Break Big Break
As heard on the CBC Radio program DNTO!
Featuring tracks from all the Big Break finalists, including Nathan Wiley and Microbunny; and special tracks from Big Break judges Tom Wilson, Shaun Verrault ( Wide Mouth Mason), MIR and others.
Big Sugar Big Sugar
Big Sugar is a band that is completely original, unconstrained by the shifting sands of ’what is trendy’. They supply listeners with unforgettable songs that can be heard on virtually every radio format.
Bill Bourne Bill Bourne
An activist for social justice and an 8 time Juno Award nominee and winner, this one man tour de force has been critically acclaimed across the western hemisphere for his recordings and live performances.
Billy Talent Billy Talent
Appearances can be deceiving. By all accounts, Billy Talent is a young band just releasing their second album. Hell, it’s even called II. But like most stories worth hearing, the best part often lies beneath the surface.
Bionic Bionic
With influences like AC/DC and ZZ Top, early punk and metal rock, Bionic’s new release, ’Deliverance’ is a guaranteed experience in intense.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Box Recordings Black Box Recordings
Black Box Recordings on!
Blackburn Blackburn
Blackburn is Toronto’s first family of funk and soul
Black Diamond Bay Black Diamond Bay
After over a hundred shows together, Black Diamond Bay has developed a live dynamic that brings an explosive element to their music.
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
Kings and Queens, is an impressive collaboration that pairs Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with some of their favourite female singers and friends - and some of the biggest names in roots, blues and jazz.
Black Lungs Black Lungs
Inspired by such wide-ranging influences as folk, punk, classical, soul and country, Black Lungs crafts fiercely literate lyrics and strikingly uncomplicated melodies with a raw intensity that comes from the heart and hits the listener point blank
Black Mountain Black Mountain
Wilderness Heart is arguably Black Mountain’s tightest, most concentrated outing, but there’s still plenty of raw rock energy at work.
Blinker The Star Blinker The Star
A dark, edgy, yet joyfully ecstatic rock record, Still In Rome represents a rejuvenated Blinker The Star come to maplemusic Their newest album Still in Rome.
The Blood Lines The Blood Lines
The Blood Lines is now available at MapleMusic.
The Blue Alarm The Blue Alarm
Cazart records artist, The Blue Alarm brings their debut album to
Blue Rodeo Blue Rodeo
If the career of a band is looked upon as a journey, then Blue Rodeo has arrived somewhere truly special.
Blue.Skies.At.War Blue.Skies.At.War
Blue.Skies.At.War are a hard rockin’ band from Toronto, who are full of energy, adrenaline and a great passion for music. Get them now on Maple Music.
The Blue Violets The Blue Violets
At turns ethereal and nostalgic, The Blue Violets’ self-titled debut brings a unique new voice to the Canadian musical landscape.
Blurtonia Blurtonia
Blurtonia’s ’Adventures in the Kingdom of Blurtonia’ is a whimsical journey through contemporary Can-rock at its most glam and most daring.
Bob Egan Bob Egan
Bob Egan is now available at
Bob Kemmis Bob Kemmis
Bob Kemmis brings his music to MapleMusic
Bob Lanois Bob Lanois
When you have a superstar for a brother, it’s hard not to hit him up for a little help. Bob Lanois embarked on creating his first solo album with a musical god on his side.
Bobs & Lolo Bobs & Lolo  ()
Bobs & Lolo are dedicated to connecting kids to the natural world with music, movement and make-believe. Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet.
Bocephus King Bocephus King
Bocephus King brings his music to Maplemusic.
Bodega Bodega
It’s easy to hear the reasons why Juno award winning Bodega is so critically acclaimed. The latest album, ’Without a Plan’, is a testament to carefully crafted, surreal pop music.
Boompa Boompa
Boompa brings us their latest
Bop Ensemble Bop Ensemble
Three forces of nature meet in Bop Ensemble, a Canadian super-group featuring folk legends Bill Bourne and Wyckham Porteous, along with up-and-coming singer-bassist Jasmine “Jas” Ohlhauser
Born Ruffians Born Ruffians
If Born Ruffians’ 2008 debut album Red Yellow and Blue was the result of a talented and precocious gang of freshmen, their 2010 follow-up, Say It, would be the project they left school to finish — a declaration that they’re smart and ambitious enough to m
Boy Boy
Boy brings their rockin’ new album ’Every Page You Turn’ to MapleMusic.
Bradley Bradley
’Finally, a true fusion of electronic, acoustic, and traditional songwriting techniques and the fascinatingly refreshing results they can achieve. bust it...”
Braided Braided
Casey, Ashley and Amber are already household names with the millions of Canadians who tuned into the record-breaking 2005 season of Canadian Idol.
Braintoy Braintoy
Some observers may be proclaiming the death of the album as an artform in these downloading days, but thankfully Toronto rock band Braintoy didn’t get the memo.
Brandon Paris Band Brandon Paris Band
These doctors of aural divinity are preparing to make house calls via their latest release, Pocket Full of Holes.
Brass Monkey Productions Brass Monkey Productions
From folk roots to world fusion, Brass Monkey Productions brings a diverse array of projects to Maple Music.
Brazen Angelz Brazen Angelz
Hailing from England, Ireland and Scotland, currently based in Toronto Canada, Brazen Angelz’ Mak, Jack D and Stealth find more similarities than differences in their backgrounds and musical tastes
Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose
Straight from the heart of the suburban wasteland of southern Ontario comes Brett Caswell, an emerging singer songwriter who has set his sights set on breaking your heart, then making you smile.
Brian Borcherdt Brian Borcherdt
This is what Brian Borcherdt will leave behind, some dirty laundry, maybe some discarded snack food purchased in the many truck stops along our North American highways, and lots of pretty songs. These are his remains.
Brian Byrne Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne is now available at MapleMusic.
Brian Melo Brian Melo
The Truth is a collection of songs that showcases Brian Melo emerging as a world class singer-songwriter. He possesses an uncanny ability to combine classic rock energy with contemporary nuance and unforgettable melodies.
brilliantfish brilliantfish
brilliantfish emerges from the ashes of his first two albums with an astonishing new recording. At times stripped down + lean, at other times lush + orchestrated, ’Separate’ is the work of a mature and uncompromising artist.
The British Columbians The British Columbians
’This debut album by The British Columbians is so clear in its vision and spot on in its execution that we wonder why we havent heard a peep about them until now.’ - Now Magazine
The Brothers Cosmoline The Brothers Cosmoline
Together they write songs of unusual melodic and lyric intensity, working a rich seam of American folk and country traditions, but very much in the here-and-now as regards their subject matter.
Bruce Cockburn Bruce Cockburn
Canadian folk legend Bruce Cockburn was introduced to popular music in 1956 with Elvis Presley, and knew that music was where his heart lay.
Bryan Adams Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams’ songs have achieved #1 status all over the world, and his career has seen some amazing recordings with other music legends from around the world
Bryce Pallister Bryce Pallister
Buck 65 Buck 65
Critics and fans both love the clever lyrics and the smooth hip-hop grooves of this Canuck rapper. Nova Scotia born baseball player turned certified funk-star, Buck 65, brings his cds to MapleMusic.
Bucket Truck Bucket Truck
Born in 1996 on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (Newfoundland, Canada) the band has been together for 8 years geographically isolated from the Canadian music scene.
Buckman Coe Buckman Coe
Coe’s music and message derive from his experiences studying the ecological and psychological effects of globalization in England and Colorado, and from his time back in Canada living as a yogi and counsellor, and as an ecological and social citizen.
Bumstead Bumstead
Burnthe8track Burnthe8track
Winnipeg based Burnthe8track, comprised of brothers Derek and Jason Kun, and brothers Sam and Ethan Osland, have taken the world by storm.
By Divine Right By Divine Right
Continuing to win fans over with their own sort of eccentric, slightly nostalgic, highly spirited rock and roll, ’Good Morning Beautiful’ is the hit-riddled latest from By Divine Right.