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Adam Cohen Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen’s sublime new album, Like A Man, is an acoustic-driven collection of ten intimate, revealing songs, powered by Cohen’s rich baritone voice, keenly observed lyrics, and elegant melodies.
Addictive Records Addictive Records
Addictive Records, in theory, was created from a childhood dream stemming from the desire to create music.
Adi Braun Adi Braun
Adi Braun has a long list of cabaret, concert and theatre successes to her credit. This fall Adi releases her fourth CD – Canadian Scenes I which marks her singer/songwriter debut.
Adrienne Pierce Adrienne Pierce
Adrienne’s debut album, ’Small Fires’ offers 11 infectious, intelligent songs. The production ranges from sparse, beautiful arrangements to hip hop rhythms, fuzz bass, and guitars and keys that are sometimes hard to distinguish from each other.
Aidan Knight Aidan Knight
The Awkward Stage The Awkward Stage
The Awkward Stage, has long been considered one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets.
Al Tuck Al Tuck
Al Tuck’s consummate musical grace and dreamy drawling vocals belie one of the sharpest and most deliberate songwriting minds in music today.
Alex J Robinson Alex J Robinson
Alexis O`Hara Alexis O`Hara
With music described as Hyper Modern Art Pop, Alexis O’Hara breaks all boundaries of convention.
Amos The Transparent Amos The Transparent
A band’s name often indicates the genre of music they represent. Not so in the case of Amos the Transparent, the creative new force in the Canadian music scene.
Ana Egge Ana Egge
The child of two bonafide prairie hippies, Ana has the grassroots melody in her blood.
Andre Ethier Andre Ethier
You think you’ve got ANDRE ETHIER pegged ? You think he’s just the howling leader of that gang of rowdy rock’n’rollers who travel under the Deadly Snakes’ flag? Well you’ve got another thing coming!
Andrea Wappel Andrea Wappel
Andrea Wappel brings her music to
Andrea England Andrea England
Andrea’s heartfelt delivery, compelling lyrics, and infectious pop-rock melodies have drawn comparisons to such respected artists as Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, and the Cowboy Junkies.
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Andrea Florian Andrea Florian
Weaving a stylized pop tightly around very musical grooves, Andrea Florian comes to MapleMusic with her latest ’Grapefruit Moon EP’
Andrea Lewis Andrea Lewis
Andrea has fashioned a career not only out of her chameleon-like acting abilities - most notably in the hit show Degrassi: The Next Generation - but also out of her sexy, sultry voice.
Andrea Ramolo Andrea Ramolo
Andrea Ramolo has been praised for her unabashed approach to songwriting, her commitment to storytelling, and the raw, honest, and captivating presence she brings to her live performance.
Andrew Austin Andrew Austin
Andy Stochansky Andy Stochansky
As a multi-talented musician who plays the guitar, piano, and a variety of percussion alongside his soft yet intense vocals, Andy Stochansky hopes his music speaks for itself.
Ania Ziemirska Ania Ziemirska
In keeping with the raw honesty her songs have become known for, Ania Ziemirska has gathered together six of her favourites for her debut release, I Was The Girl.
Animal Parts Animal Parts
Anne Lindsay Anne Lindsay
Anne Lindsay has established herself as one of the most engaging and versatile instrumentalists in Canada, adapting her unique violin/fiddle style to the eclectic sounds and musical languages of this country’s rich cultural texture.
Apollonia Vanova Apollonia Vanova
Ariana Gillis Ariana Gillis
"Ariana Gillis is the best new emerging artist anywhere, PERIOD!"
Dave Marsh, best selling author, former music critic of Rolling Stone Magazine & Creem Magazine.
Arkells Arkells
Watch out for the Arkells store opening soon.
Armchair Cynics Armchair Cynics
Armchair Cynics . n. Crunchingly intense and melodic four-piece contemporary rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. Optimistic, driven, proactive. Walk it like they talk it.
The Arrogant Worms The Arrogant Worms
The self-proclaimed antithesis to ’popular’ music; The Arrogant Worms sing rockin’, clever ditties. These prolific songwriters use humour to highlight the absurdness of life.
Art Of Time Ensemble Art Of Time Ensemble
Art of Time Ensemble was formed in 1998 by pianist Andrew Burashko. It is a collective that comprises some of the most unsurpassed classical and jazz musicians in Canada.
The Artist Life The Artist Life
Ashes of Soma Ashes of Soma
After spending the last couple of years developing their craft in living room rehearsals, Ashes of Soma is poised to start a minor revolution. The magnetic riffs say it all – originality, earthy sex appeal and eclectic powerhouse. These rockers, with acou
Audio Sleep Audio Sleep
Since they formed in 2000, audiosleep have been making music that ’straddles the wall between pure electronica and experimental rock.’
Austin Belle Austin Belle
Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne
The infectious rock-pop tunes sung by this punky youngster make for a memorable debut album.
The Awesome Team The Awesome Team
At every show, The Awesome Team win over the audience with their intelligent, catchy songs and their unbridled enthusiasm onstage.